Friday, February 17, 2006

Brrreeeport my Ass: The dumbest idea from some dumb people

The blogosphere is being eaten by a junk word from "bloggers-who-have-nothing-else-to-do". If you guessed Brrreeeport, thats fine. Apparently scobleizer is being paid to sit and create stupid activities for bloggers. Is the management of Microsoft listening, or should I say sleeping?

Don't worry like many others I have fallen into the trap of Brrreeeport too. But I still think its the worst idea from someone who has nothing better to do.

There I said it.

Scobleizer, go and do something productive man. Don't waste your time on stupid stuff. You are worse than .

-- Frank
Brrreeeport Matt Cutts
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why the Cartoon Portraying Muhammed Is Wrong?

I posted the following comment on Faeriebell's blog where an intense discussion about a Danish cartoon portraying the Prophet PBUH is on going.

My comment was in response to the comments by Spikes and Gary on Faeriebell's post about why the cartoon portraying Muhammed as a terrorist is wrong:

It's the ignorant people like you who fail to research and understand what Islam stands for.

True, there are a few bad apples in every religion (like Eric Robert Rudolph) but that doesn't make the entire religion and it's followers bad.

Islam says that killing a soul is like killing the whole humanity.

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) showed Muslims how they should live with peace. People who are terrorizing the world are using Islam's name in the most heinous way.

Garry, unlike Christianity, Islam forbids the depiction of the Prophet. Non-Muslims have therefore no right to depict something which is expressly forbidden in Islam.

Calling for "the death" of the Danish cartoonists isn't Islamic either. Islam is a peaceful religion with only one message: peace. People who seem to not get this fundamental message, whether Muslim or not, don't really get the essence of Islam.

Let me draw your attention to a few historical events.

Before Islam spread in the world, a woman used to throw trash on the Prophet (PBUH) every day as he used to walk by her window. Every time she will throw trash, the Prophet will look up, give a smile and walk on without saying a word. One day the Prophet noticed that no one threw trash on him. Worried what might have happened to the woman, he went to her door and found her very sick. He took care of her, cleaned her house and fed her for several days, until she got better. She did convert to Islam later due to the behavior shown by the Prophet PBUH.

In a Gazwah (a war in which Prophet PBUH) participated, a pagan woman martyred Prophet's beloved uncle and chewed on his body parts. After Prophet PBUH came into power, the woman was brought in front of him for sentencing. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) forgave the woman and let her go.

Muslims all around the world are supposed to follow the excellent examples of forgiveness set forth not only by Prophet PBUH, but by Jesus, Ibraham, Isaac, Moses and the prophets before him.

In addition, Muslims are forbidden to attack first. A better Muslim, according to Islam, is the one who forgives, not the one who opts for revenge.

Sadly, some extremists bring a bad name to Islam. Islam is all about forgiveness and peace, and there is no other truth about Islam.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Richard Pryor will be missed

Richard Pryor, comedy legend and the man behind the masterpiece "I Ain't Dead Yet" died earlier this month. More on Richard Pryor at Entertainment-1.Info.

Tookie Williams, founder of the Crips gang, was executed on December 13, 2005.

The U.S. Supreme Court, on October 11, 2005, ruled against Tookie on his final appeal and set his execution date for December 13
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Friday, December 02, 2005

Pervez Musharraf - Just what Pakistan needs

President Musharraf is my favorite Pakistani leader so far. He introduced the world to the concept of enlightened moderation.

From enlightened moderation:

The world has become an extremely dangerous place. The devastating power of plastic explosives, combined with high-tech remote-controlled devices, as well as a proliferation of suicide bombers, has created a lethal force that is all but impossible to counter. The unfortunate reality is that both the perpetrators of these crimes and most of the people who suffer from them are Muslims. This has caused many non-Muslims to believe wrongly that Islam is a religion of intolerance, militancy and terrorism. It has led increasing numbers of people to link Islam to fundamentalism; fundamentalism to extremism, and extremism to terrorism. Muslims can protest however vigorously they like against this kind of labeling, but the reality is that such arguments are not likely to prevail in the battle for minds. To make things even more difficult, Muslims are probably the poorest, most uneducated, most powerless and most disunited people in the world.

The stark challenge that faces anyone with compassion for the common heritage of mankind is determining what legacy we will leave for future generations. The special challenge that confronts Muslims is to drag ourselves out of the pit we find ourselves in, to raise ourselves up by individual achievement and collective socioeconomic emancipation. Something has to be done quickly to stop the carnage in the world and to stem the downward slide of Muslims.

My idea for untangling this knot is Enlightened Moderation, which I think is a win for all -- for both the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds. It is a two-pronged strategy. The first part is for the Muslim world to shun militancy and extremism and adopt the path of socioeconomic uplift. The second is for the West, and the United States in particular, to seek to resolve all political disputes with justice and to aid in the socioeconomic betterment of the deprived Muslim world.

We need to understand that the root cause of extremism and militancy lies in political injustice, denial and deprivation. Political injustice to a nation or a people, when combined with stark poverty and illiteracy, makes for an explosive mix. It produces an acute sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. A nation suffering from these lethal ills is easily available for the propagation of militancy and the perpetration of extremist, terrorist acts. It is cannon fodder in a war of terrorism.

TIME Magazine: Cover Story on Pakistan's President - Pervez Musharraf: "Dangerous Ground"
General Pervez Musharraf Biography
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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

India Asks Google to Make Azad Kashmir Part of India

Per this news article, India is asking Google to put all of Kashmir within its boundaries.

Pakistan Government should take immediate action to prevent Google from making Azad Kashmir part of India.

The political map of the subcontinent in Google Earth shows the region that India calls Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, or PoK, and Pakistan calls it 'Azad (free) Kashmir', as being a part of Pakistani territory.

No printed matter in India can be distributed if it contains a map of the country that does not conform to the official one that shows Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of India.

I do not agree with the Indian Government which is acting quite stupidly in this case. Azad Kashmir is free Kashmir and should not be part of India's map.

Stop Google from Making Azad Kashmir (Free Kashmir) part of India
How you can help:

1. Write to President Musharraf
2. Write to
3. Write to Pakistan Consulate in New York (Mr. Muhammad Haroon Shaukat)
4. Pakistan Consulate New York Web site
5. Write to (founded by Quaid-e-Azam)
6. Write to PakistanLink

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Best Advertising Campaigns

There have been many cool advertising campaigns this holiday season.
Some of my favorites are (in order of liking)

1. "it" by eBay
2. "jump in" by Xbox
3. "it's my first movie"
4. "Share pictures" by Kodak
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Idiot Roshan Mahanama forgets his place - flaps mouth without thinking

There are a few examples of a person loosing his mind completely in professional cricket. Out of all the ignorant cricket professionals, Roshan Mahanama tops the list. This ignorant bastard just says whatever comes in his mind.

This is what he reportedly said about Shahid Afridi

"He is a role model to lunatics and mental asylum patients locked away in secure premises all over the world.

“Afridi sets a good example to people not only in mental farms but also in circuses and other random institutions where stupid things are done on the spur of the moment, or for the sheer hell of it, with no thought for the consequences.

I wish that you would think before flapping your mouth. You are acting like an ignorant bastard who thinks he can never suffer from a mental disorder. This is just so disrespectful of people who suffer from mental problems.

It makes me sick knowing that Roshan Mahanama is a part of ICC. Someone so disrespectful holds absolutely no place in the honorable sport of cricket.

You are an idiot, in my eyes, Roshan Mahanama. Seems like your parents completely wasted all the money on your education. IMO, you just bring shame to Sri Lanka and nothing else. May be you should get a medal for that (bringing shame to your country).

If anything today, Roshan makes me think that he is already mentally challenged. Go get some help buddy from a mental institution (if it burns, its working).

I am not against Sri Lanka or people of Sri Lanka. I love Sri Lankan cricket but will always hate Roshan Mahanama for his sick views of the world. You are sick Roshan Mahanama. There, I said it.

If Shahid Afridi "is a role model to lunatics and mental asylum patients", then you, Roshan Mahanama are the biggest lunatic and mental asylum patient yourself. Shame on you a googol times. If you can call Shahid Afridi a lunatic, then who the hell are you yourself? Heck your last name means "monthly" in some languages. Whether its monthly as in a magazine publication or monthly as in "period", you are gross.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Google Base, Garth Brooks, Immune Response Corporation and more buzz makers

The Immune Response Corporation receives delisting notice from Nasdaq Market Inc for failing to maintain $1.00 bid.

Google Base temporarily becomes Porn base due to another glitch. The glitch delivered porn results even when the safe filter was turned on.

Are you scared of Google? Not yet? May be you should be.
OK, since you are not afraid, you may read this article about Google taking over the world.

Walmart reported today that pre-orders for Garth Brooks 6-Disc (CDs) Boxed Set have broken previous records on The 6 disc boxed set collection will be releasing on November 25, 2005. Pre-orders can be made at Wal-Mart for Garth Brooks 6-CD Boxed Set.

"Garth Brooks: The Limited Series has been our biggest and best selling preorder media title ever at, which has more than exceeded our expectations," said Carter Cast, president. "Customers continue to respond favorably to the convenience of preordering online, coupled with the phenomenal value and extensive music content this unique boxed set gives them." (Source: Walmart PR)

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Dallas Cowboys Coach Bill Parcells Hosts Youth Football DVD by Backyard Drills(R)

Bill Parcels, coach of Dallas Cowboys hosts a new football DVD titled Backyard Drills®. Check out more on The-Sports.Info.

This football DVD seems full of advice and training segments. An excerpt follows:

Backyard Drills® takes a look at the lighter side of football and provides bonus sessions on nutrition, conditioning, and fitness, Backyard Drills® motivates, empowers, and enables parents and mentors to:

[*] Coach kids "one on one" on the skills necessary to succeed at each position
[*] Help youngsters maintain a well-conditioned and fit body
[*] Motivate kids to reject destructive high risk behaviors
[*] Laugh, have fun, and improve those family relationships
[*] Inspire and enable kids to have the attitude, confidence, and character to compete on the field, succeed in school, and achieve whatever goals they may set for their lives.

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Dell offers limited time coupons

This Black Friday, you can save when you shop Dell Home. Dell is offering cool discounts and coupons for a very limited time.

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